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Who We Are - Committees
First Pres Committees

There are nine committees of Session, including Building and Grounds, Christian Education, Communications & Marketing, Fellowship, Finance & Administration, Outreach, Personnel, Stewardship, and Worship. 


Acts as building managers to monitor and maintain the necessary upkeep of the church building and grounds. Performs or authorizes/arranges for minor electrical, plumbing, painting and other general repairs and maintenance work. Seeks session approval for major work items.

Building and Grounds Committee:
Dave Solper, chair
Pat McCormick, session rep

David Anderson
Pete Blashka
Kevin Kabacinski
Ken Solper
Mary Belanger, staff

Provides educational opportunities for the congregation’s children, youth, and adults/families. This includes Sunday School, a Christmas pageant, youth group, and confirmation class in conjunction with the pastor. In addition to regular adult groups (Commoners, Esther Circle, Pres Folk, Men’s Breakfast), special intergenerational events and activities are offered. Continues to be more inviting to our neighbors.

Christian Education Committee:
Lisa Olson, chair, session rep
Stacy Bostedt
Deb Gauthier
Bobbi Holl
Brenda Hubbard
Loni McCormick
Ken Sann

Supports both external communication with our community as well as internal communication with our congregation. Leads in efforts to generate and facilitate branding for the events, ministries, and identity of First Presbyterian Church. Manages digital and traditional communication/marketing activities including social media posting and monitoring, and website, email, and newsletter content/production.

Communications and Marketing Committee:
Bruce Deadman, chair, session rep
Michelle Erickson
Beth Ryder
Kirke Ryder
Connie Greenawald, staff

Sponsors a number of events and activities throughout the year, such as Fat Tuesday, Easter breakfast, church picnic, church chix, and the church softball team. Responsible for supplying the church kitchens with paper products, coffee, lemonade, sugar, and creamer. Replaces kitchen items such as pots and pans as needed.

Fellowship Committee:
Loni McCormick, co-chair

Bruce Deadman
Lisa Olson
Nancy Siewert
Jill Stenson

Monitors and records all church receipts and expenditures. Approves income statements and balance sheets before they go to Session. Manages all endowment investments and disbursements. Reviews all endowment expenses and designated accounts.

Finance and Administration Committee:
Jon Tessier, chair

David Anderson
Beth Ryder
Mary Steeno
Lynne Nelson, staff

The Nominating Committee is charged with the responsibility to nominate Elders and Deacons to replace those whose terms are ending, or if another need arises.

Promotes the support of several local mission activities for the congregation, such as efforts for Tank Elementary School, the Mauthe Center at UWGB, the neighborhood picnic, and the Presbyterian Food Pantry. Provides information and encourages giving to the four special denominational offerings: One Great Hour of Sharing, Pentecost, Peacemaking, and Christmas Joy. Interprets the mission work of the PC(USA) and encourages participation on mission trips.

Outreach Committee:
Jane Bies, session rep
Stephanie Fahringer, co-chair

Deb Shober, co-chair
Mary Ginnebaugh
Kirke Ryder
Lisa Solper

Provides fair, effective leadership for the church staff that encourages an efficient and harmonious atmosphere for the staff and congregation.

Personnel Committee:
David Anderson, chair, session rep 

Gifty Berko
Bruce Deadman
Tom Schoffelman

Leads First Presbyterian Church in helping our members understand and fulfill each of our personal stewardship commitments to God. Accomplishes this through teaching and action, and the annual pledge campaign.

Stewardship Committee:
Jane Bies, chair
Ross Early
Kirke Ryder
Tom Schoffelman

Ministers to the spiritual growth and well-being of members and friends of First Presbyterian Church by promoting an uplifting, nurturing worship experience. 

Worship Committee:
Amy Wittman, chair

Patcee Bucher
Nancy Siewert
Mary Steeno
Bob Nickel, staff

2018 Annual Committee Reports

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