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2019 Youth Triennium

2019-05-22 Youth making pins for Triennium cropped-optEight young people, including: Hannah Bauer, Sara Bostedt, Ellie Gauthier, Katie Gauthier, Evan Hansen, Hailey Hansen, Aaron Schoffelman, and Rose Schumacher; and chaperone Ben Menghini from First Presbyterian Church traveled to Purdue University to attend Triennium on July 16-20. They appreciate your support in their efforts.

2019-07-17-20 Youth Triennium (13)-optThe Presbyterian Youth Triennium is a five-day event for high school age youth from all over the country. The Triennium is focused on equipping young people to be transformational Christian leaders and seeks to join with the home churches of the attendees to help call young people into deeper discipleship in Jesus Christ. The Youth Triennium is a high energy, biblically infused and focused, youth-friendly conference.

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2019-07-17-20 Youth Triennium (16) Rose Schumacher-optMy Time at Triennium
by Rose Schumacher

Hi. I’m Rose Schumacher and I am the choir accompanist here at First Presbyterian. The (Unga Bunga Tribe) Youth Group invited me to go to Triennium with them this year.

Triennium is an event for PC USA high school students that happens once every three years. It was held on the campus of Purdue University in Indiana. We took a bus to get there and back.

Throughout the week, we had several main events each day. In the morning, we would meet with our delegation and discuss what we had talked about in small group the day before.  

We met with our small group after delegation. The small groups were groups of about 10-15 Triennium people from all over the United States who probably would not have met otherwise. We discussed Bible lessons, like the story of Zacchaeus, in new and fun ways. Sometimes we did reader’s theater, and other times we read “clues” in the Bible to “crack a case.”

Another main part of the day was worship. Worship was held in Purdue’s Elliott Hall of Music, which seats 6,005 people, and most of the seats were full. Worship was two hours long and consisted of dancing, singing, readings, and listening to speakers. The speakers talked about the same story we discussed in small group.

After worship we had general free time. There was a choir that anyone could join during this time, so I decided to join it. We sang at Friday’s and Saturday’s worship. I think that was my favorite part of Triennium because I met so many amazing people in the choir.  

In general, everyone was very nice and always willing to help out. For example, one day, I got separated from the rest of the group from First Presbyterian for worship. I walked up to someone who looked nice, told her I couldn’t find my group, and asked if I could sit with her. She said yes, so I sat with her delegation, who were all very nice.

Another one of my favorite parts of Triennium was trading pins. Everyone at Triennium had pins from their Presbytery, so once we got there, we could trade our pins with someone from a different Presbytery. That way, by the end of the week, everyone had pins from all over the United States. (First Pres youth made “cheese-head” pins!)

All in all, Triennium was a great experience and I’m very thankful for the opportunity to have gone with First Presbyterian’s Youth Group. I would also like to say thank you to the congregation for supporting us through the fund raisers.

Last Published: August 10, 2019 4:26 PM