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Christian Education at First Pres
Christian Education at First Presbyterian Church

The Christian Education program at First Presbyterian Church seeks to engage and nurture children, youth, adults, and families so that they grow in their relationship with God and neighbors, and support the church’s mission of inspiring all to love and serve with Christ. We are continually envisioning the future and developing new programming ideas for our congregation and for our friends in our near west side neighborhood.

Fall Book Study: This Is My Body by Hannah Shanks

This Is My BodyStarting October 10

Kneeling at the communion rail, Hannah Shanks heard the familiar words "The body of Christ, broken for you" as she received the bread. And then "The blood of Christ, shed for you" as she was given the cup. Just hours before she had found out she was pregnant. Now she heard the words "This is my body" in a new way. It occurred to her that Jesus' words spoken at the Last Supper "This is my body, broken; This is my blood poured out" were as fitting a description of birth as they are of death.

This Is My Body is a journey of discovery and reclamation, of finding familiar paths in unfamiliar territory and new facets to ancient rituals. Part personal narrative and part unearthing of scripture passages from a woman's point of view, it helps readers realize that God can be seen through the experiences of women just as much as those of men. Using the communion liturgy and elements of the common table as a framework, the book offers much material for reflection on a central act of Christianity.

Hannah ShanksThis October we will study This Is My Body by storyteller and professor Hannah Shanks. This is My Body is a book about Hannah's experience of motherhood in the church, but it is not just for mothers. Hannah offers a challenge to find yourself in the Lord's Supper and embrace your own body. This book is for mothers, fathers, grandparents, or those without children, anyone can benefit from this study. There are two opportunities each the week to join the discussion:

  • Wednesdays October 10, 17, and 25 at 6:30 pm
  • Thursdays October 11, 18, and 25 at 11:00 am
  • (Saturday sessions have been canceled)

On Sunday, October 28 Hannah Shanks will be visiting Green Bay to discuss her book with us. She will preach at 10:00 am worship, and we will have a light meal and book talk with her at 4:30 pm. The book study and talks are free and open to anyone interested.

Just a few photos from some of our CE events below - see more on our Facebook page!

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Intergeneration Musical 5-7-17 1080x220 banner