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Music Ministry

Chancel Choir

An invitation is always open to all those who enjoy singing to become part of the Chancel Choir. No one should hesitate to sing in the choir because they must miss rehearsals or services occasionally. It is understood that perfect attendance is not possible and therefore is not required or expected. Choir participation is strictly a "come whenever possible" invitation and all who like to sing are welcome.

Rehearsals are held at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday. The choir director is Allan Russell and the organist is Bob Nickel.

Children's Choir

The children in pre-K through Grade 5 form a special Children's Choir. The children come early for Sunday School and begin their rehearsal in the sanctuary at 8:45 a.m.

Leading the Children's Choir are Mary Steeno, Amy Wittman and Jill Stenson. The Children's Choir sings one Sunday each month.

Every child is welcome to come and join the fun!

P. J. Swartz Pipe Organ
The organ consists of 16 ranks across a moveable two-manual and pedal console. Originally installed as Wangerin, Op. 402 (1928), the instrument was rebuilt in 2012 by P. J. Swartz, Inc. (Eatonton, GA), and utilizes most of the original pipework.

Klann console with Syndyne control system


Main Chamber


Swell Chamber




Stop List

Great (Unenclosed)
Bourdon 16 (ext Sw)
Diapason 8 
Hohl Flute 8 
Octave 4
Hohl Flute 4 (ext)
Fifteenth 2
Mixture IV
Trumpet 8 (Sw)
Oboe 8 (Sw)
Great 16
Unison Off
Great 4
MIDI to Great
Swell 16, 8, 4 


Swell (Enclosed)
Principal 8 (from 4; common bass with Bourdon)
Bourdon 8 
Salicional 8
Vox Celeste 8 (TC)
Principal 4 
Bourdon 4 (ext)
Nazard 2 2/3
Block Flute 2 
Trumpet 8
Oboe 8
Trumpet 4 (ext)
Swell 16
Unison Off
Swell 4
MIDI to Swell

Resultant 32 
Principal 16 (ext Gt; Haskell pipes)
Bourdon 16 (ext Sw) 
Octave 8 (Gt)
Flute 8 (Sw)
Choral Bass 4 (Gt)
Flute 4 (Sw)
Super Octave 2 (Gt)
Trumpet 32 (1-12 digital)
Trumpet 16 (ext Sw)
Trumpet 8 (Sw)
Trumpet 4 (ext Sw)
MIDI to Pedal
Great 8, 4
Swell 8, 4


Choir 02-12-17 1080x220 banner