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2020-09-20 Pastor Katie preaching-optReverend Katie Estes

Welcome our new Pastor, Reverend Katie Estes. A ministry that is relational and collaborative is how Pastor Katie described the congregation to which she believes God is calling her. “I am passionate about good experiences of faith formation for all ages and stages and would love to lead in a community that embraces intergenerational understanding of worship, education, and service.”
We feel blessed that she was called to us! Welcome and blessings Pastor Katie! After she preached a call sermon on September 20, the congregation quickly voted to welcome Pastor Katie to First Pres as our new pastor. She will need to wrap things up with the church at which she has been co-pastor for 19 years in Saint Paul, MN. No fears that she might be a Vikings fan as she has let us know that she and her son DeShawn are die-hard Packers fans!
2020-09-12 Pastor Katie and Estes family-optPastor Katie will actually start in the office on November 23, but she wanted people to know that she considers she has already begun and urges you to contact her with issues or questions. We have made the prayer request active and she will receive and react to your requests. We know that you will make her and her daughter Grace and son DeShawn (pictured) feel very welcome here, even though the pandemic continues to limit what we are able to do in person. As Pastor Katie says, "While COVID-19 makes so much of our church life together different or challenging, I am certain that God has abundant blessings in store for us still. Let’s discover them together!"
Invitation from Our Pastor

2020-09-20 Pastor Katie blessing-optI invite you to explore this website to learn more about us. You can also discover some of our excitement and energy from our Facebook page. Most importantly, I invite you to visit us on a Sunday morning so that you can personally experience the warmth and love of this amazing congregation.

As a missional church, we are committed to reaching out to our neighborhood, community and world. You will find outreach activities here that will help you make a difference in the lives of others. We believe that God is at work in the world and God calls us to participate in this work. Our mission is to inspire you to love and serve with Christ!

We are a mainline Presbyterian Church and strive to be inclusive and welcoming of all. We believe there is biblical support for including persons in the life of the church who have historically experienced discrimination and exclusion.  

We Presbyterians do not all agree on every issue, but we do always honor and respect one another. Jesus Christ is the center who holds us all together.

If this missional and mature Christian perspective resonates with you, there is a place for you among us!