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Our Vision and Mission
God Nourishes All to Grow
The God of abundance is at work in the world. God's spirit guides and leads us all in our daily lives. God nourishes (feeds) our bodies and minds both physically and spiritually. God calls all generations to grow and follow Jesus' example through worship, prayer, and study of his Word. God: God, and his direction for us, is the basis for everything we do as individuals and as members of different communities. Our understanding of God is the core of our existence and all our actions. Nourishes: Read More
Inspiring All to Love and Serve with Christ
God is at work in the world, and calls us to participate in God’s work through unconditional love and selflessness. We will inspire others by responding to God’s inspiration and calling. We will encourage others to be faithful stewards, to share their time, talents, and treasure by engaging in our ministry of Love and Service through our many ministry programs. Jesus said, “I came not to be served, but to serve.” We will also inspire by exploring God’s invitation to Love and Serve by living missionally. We will refine the definition of “missional living” through study, discussion, prayer, and experimentation. Inspiring: Read More
Our Values


Strong Relationships

Meaningful Worship


Active Faith

Read more about each of these values here.

Missional Action Plan

2019 MAP (Missional Action Plan)

Our strategy in 2019 is twofold: 1) to support the transition process, and 2) to go much deeper with our value of strong relationships.

Our "focus statement" this year is: We will build strong relationships during the pastoral transition, and with children and young families.” We will provide a variety of ways to accomplish this focus so that members and their families can find opportunities that fit with their particular interests.

1.    Transition Process

  • Offer our prayers and encouragement to the transition team working with the Presbytery
  • Step up in new ways to help meet needs that may arise in the congregation

2.    Christian Education

  • Grow the average number of children attending Sunday School each week
  • Further expose children to the building blocks of the Christian faith
  • Provide more educational opportunities for youth, including increased participation in Triennium
  • Initiate and grow the young adult gatherings

3.    Worship

  • Increase participation of children and youth during the worship service
  • Use A/V technology to feature the presence and role of children, young adults, and families

4.    Service

  • Increase the interaction of youth with the community
  • Involve children and young families in the activities of the Deacons and Outreach Committee in the neighborhood, including the Seymour Park picnic
  • Encourage children and young families to volunteer in the ministries of the Pantry and Feed My Starving Children
  • Promote child-friendly practices of stewardship
  • Feature the contributions of children and young families in the stewardship campaign

5.    Fostering Church Family Ties

  • Create a display with a photo/bio/interests of every child and youth
  • Continually remind all church members to develop relationships with children—by addressing them by name, expressing interest in their activities, serving alongside them, and offering encouragement and support


Committees have other important goals and we believe that working together to accomplish them will also strengthen our bond as a church family.

2018 Missional Action Plan details here.

Our Partners

We are part of the Winnebago Presbytery. Winnebago Presbytery is located Northeastern Wisconsin, in the Synod of Lakes and Prairies and in the Presbyterian Church (USA). The presbytery is comprised of 37 churches ranging in size from 8 members to approximately 1000.

Sister churches in the Green Bay area include First United Presbyterian Church of De PereWequiock Presbyterian Church, and Robinsonville Presbyterian Church.

Children in Library 2016 1080x220 banner