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Of Note 01/01/19

Values 2 - Strong Relationships-optWe Value:

  • Mission
  • Strong Relationships
  • Meaningful Worship
  • Acceptance
  • Active Faith

Learn more about our values here.  

Podcast the Pastor's Audio Sermonssermons-hover

If you have iTunes, you can podcast (sign up for) the Pastor's sermons. Go to Sermons under "I'm New", and click Subscribe. 

PeanutButterstrawberry jelly-optPresbyterian Pantry - Month of January

Pantry volunteers ask for donations of jelly and/or peanut butter. The Pantry is open on January 15 and January 29 from 10 am to noon. Please use the Howard Street entrance. 


Featured Events 01/13/19

Tank School cozy kids-optCOZY KIDS CAMPAIGN
January 1-31

Remember the drive to collect winter items for the kids at Tank Elementary School. First Pres aims to keep those kids cozy with a collection of hats, mittens, scarves, long underwear, jogging pants, jackets, snow pants, and boots - all of which can be gently used; as well as new underwear, socks, chapsticks, and tissues, and anything else that kids might need for the rest of the winter.. Please place the items - by January 31 - on the table at the back of the sanctuary, we'll deliver them on February 1. 

2018-01-27 Ski Trip the groupYouth/Family Ski Trip
January 25-26

The annual youth/family ski trip will be held January 25-26 at Ski Brule and we hope you will join us! A group from the First United Presbyterian Church - De Pere is joining us again this year. We leave January 25th and return on the 26th.

2018-02-11 Souper Bowl Patti Mancheski crowned (4)-optSouper Bowl of Caring
February 3

You could be the next Souper Bowl of Caring King or Queen of First Presbyterian Church by entering your favorite soup on Sunday, February 3 (Super Bowl Sunday)! Soups will be served and voted on during a luncheon after worship. Last year, the Souper Bowl of Caring raised $470 for the Pantry! Please consider entering your best soup and join us for our luncheon to support this worthy cause. 

Brian-McLaren-and-cover-of-We-Make-the-Road-by-WalkingAll Church Bible Study
February 6, 6:30 pm

Members of the All Church Bible Study group meet on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. for Bible study. We will study We Make the Road by Walking by Brian McClaren. There is no book to buy - instead, there will be sections that are read out loud, with discussion to follow. All are welcome! 

Date Night BabysittingDate Night/Babysitting Offered
February 9, 5-9 pm

First Pres Youth will offer babysitting on Saturday, February 9 from 5-9 pm! A donation will be requested, with proceeds going toward youth attending Triennium. Parents are asked to feed their children dinner before bringing them. Snacks will be provided for the children. If your youth will be attending Triennium, it is highly encouraged that they be present.



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