ChristWindow_optFirst Presbyterian Church is committed to vibrant, traditional worship.  We worship God together in several ways:  with hymns accompanied by organ and piano, anthems from the choir, the reading of the lectionary, the preaching of the Word, the celebration of the Sacraments, and the practice of stewardship.

We view worship as a spiritual practice.  The stained glass window in the front of our sanctuary reminds us that Jesus invites everyone to participate in worship.

We hope you feel welcome to join us on Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. for an uplifting and inspiring time of traditional worship.

"Worship is at the very heart of the church's life.  All that the church is and does is rooted in its worship.  The community of faith, gathered in response to God's call, is formed in its worship.  Worship is the principal influence that shapes our faith, and is the most visible way we express the faith." 
(from the Book of Common Worship, 1).

Worship services are held every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. at our Church at 200 S. Ashland Avenue, Green Bay. All are welcome!



Winter Storm Protocol

snow-plow-optWho makes the decision?
The decision to cancel Sunday service and/or classes is made by the Pastor. The Pastor should seek the advice of others, including the Clerk of Session and the chairperson of the Building & Grounds Committee.

What are the criteria for making the cancellation decision?
It is important to note that the cancellation decision is not based on the assumption that Sunday service and/or classes must be held regardless of the weather. Nor is it based on the same standards used by the public schools. It is based on recommendations to the Pastor that take into account the following factors:

  • reports on area road conditions
  • forecasts of storm continuation
  • predicted snow accumulations, temperature and wind chill
  • predicted ability of the contracted crew to keep the Church parking lot cleared
  • conditions of city streets (are they open enough to allow access to the Church)

How will a cancellation be communicated?
If Sunday service and/or classes are cancelled, the Pastor will:

  1. Contact the Green Bay TV stations (they prefer email) to request the appropriate announcement. The Pastor will monitor the stations to be sure the announcement appears as requested.
  2. Have the voice mail message at the Church changed to include the cancellation announcement. There is a procedure for doing this from off-site.
  3. Post a message to the homepage of the church’s website.
  4. Call the Choir Director and Director of Christian Education. These staff members will then contact the choir members and staff/volunteers that have scheduled responsibilities (e.g., organist, pianist, class teachers, etc.).

What if a staff member scheduled to work on Sunday is unable to reach the Church?
If Sunday service and/or classes are NOT cancelled and a staff member scheduled to work on Sunday (e.g., Choir Director, Organist, Nursery Attendant) cannot reach the Church during a winter storm, he/she will telephone the Pastor and Clerk of Session. Additionally, the Choir Director will contact all choir members via telephone or email.

Who decides whether congregation members should try to get to the Church during a winter storm?  
The judgment about whether or not to come to Church rests with the individual member. Driving conditions may vary across the wide geographical region in which our members reside. Under no circumstance should anyone who feels it is unsafe attempt the trip. Individuals should take their own local conditions into account as they make their decision.

PDF file of Winter Storm Protocol

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